Are there still old rent rentals?

Are there still old rent rentals?

Old rental rentals in Spain

In fact, in Spain there are still rents of homes called old rent , governed by past social policies that were applied at the end of the 50s to favor access to housing in times of need.

These contracts are not very profitable for owners and involve a clear imbalance between this and the tenant, since the second pays a negligible income with respect to the current rental market , fixed> But then, can you cancel a lease? old?

There are a number of methods to evict tenants from old rent and end forced foreclosure, but in the beginning the completion depends on the life expectancy of the tenants and their tenants. possible subrogations.

The owner can terminate the contract in certain cases, such as needing housing for himself or for one of his relatives of direct descent or when the collapse of the farm is planned.