Top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Bangalore: Find Your Dream Property Today

When it comes to finding your dream property in Bangalore, the role of a reliable and experienced real estate agency cannot be overstated. With the city’s real estate market booming, there are numerous agencies to choose from. However, not all are created equal. To help you navigate this complex landscape, we have compiled a list of the top 10 real estate agencies in Bangalore. These agencies have been selected based on their reputation, customer service, and track record of successful transactions.

1. Brigade Group

Established in 1986, Brigade Group is one of the leading property developers in Bangalore. They have a diverse portfolio that includes residential, offices, retail, and hospitality projects.

2. Prestige Group

Prestige Group, founded in 1986, is another top player in the Bangalore real estate market. They have completed over 200 projects spanning across various segments like residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality.

3. Sobha Limited

Sobha Limited is known for its high-quality residential projects. Since its inception in 1995, the company has completed numerous luxury and super luxury apartments, villas, and plotted developments.

4. Puravankara Limited

Founded in 1975, Puravankara Limited is one of the oldest real estate companies in Bangalore. They have a strong presence in both the residential and commercial sectors.

5. Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties is part of the Godrej Group, a trusted name in India. They have been involved in various residential, commercial, and township projects in Bangalore.

6. Salarpuria Sattva Group

Salarpuria Sattva Group, established in 1986, has a diverse portfolio that includes high-end luxury residential projects, IT parks, retail outlets, and commercial spaces.

7. Embassy Group

Embassy Group is a leading property developer with a strong focus on commercial real estate. They have developed many iconic office spaces in Bangalore.

8. Assetz Property Group

Assetz Property Group is a young and dynamic real estate company. They have made a name for themselves with their innovative and sustainable designs.

9. Total Environment

Total Environment is known for their unique and creative residential projects. They focus on creating spaces that are in harmony with nature.

10. Mahindra Lifespace Developers

Mahindra Lifespace Developers is part of the Mahindra Group. They have a range of residential projects in Bangalore, from affordable housing to luxury apartments.

In conclusion, these are some of the top real estate agencies in Bangalore. Each of them has their own strengths and specialties. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you can choose the one that suits you best. Remember, buying a property is a big decision, so take your time and do your research before making a choice.